Anti-acid PVC gloves (click to more details)

Gloves made of red PVC with smooth finishing. Very good resistence to abrasion, concentrated acids, hydrocarbons, oils and grease. According to EN 388 standards

# SKU Title Price
1 mnd-5000-1153 (Not set)

Autoclave gloves (click to more details)

Made of Nomex III fibers (mixture of thermo-resistant and infusible aromatic polyamides) and with no asbestos fibers. With normal service conditions, physical properties stay unchanged under several hours at 260 ªC, withstanding as well 370 ºC when its degradation starts. When approached to flame, they do not melt, but instead they get scorched making a crust allowing protection. Can be used as well to handle sporadically items stored under nitrogen vapour phase (-180 ºC). Resistant to bases, acids and organic products but not to large exposures to some concentrated inorganics acids. Available in 30 cm long or 52 cm long. According to EN 407 y EN 388 standards

# SKU Title Price
1 mnd-5000-1155 (Not set)
2 mnd-5000-1156 (Not set)
3 mnd-5000-1157 (Not set)
4 mnd-5000-1158 (Not set)
5 mnd-5000-1159 (Not set)
6 mnd-5000-1160 (Not set)

Cryogenic gloves (click to more details)

Used to handle items stored under liquid nitrogen or other very cold temperatures (from -120 ºC up to -190 ºC). Designed in order to leave plenty of space to fingers. Water-resistant. Up to mid-arm, 37 cm long. According to EN 511 and EN 388 standards

# SKU Title Price
1 mnd-5000-1149 (Not set)
2 mnd-5000-1150 (Not set)
3 mnd-5000-1151 (Not set)

Disposable cap (click to more details)

Disposable cap made of white polypropylene, circular shape

# SKU Title Price
1 mnd-5000-1057 (Not set)

Disposable shoe cover (click to more details)

Adaptable to the ankle by elastic band. Waterproof, 15 x 38 cm

# SKU Title Price
1 mnd-5000-1082 (Not set)
2 mnd-5000-1083 (Not set)
3 mnd-5000-1084 (Not set)

Lab-coat for men (click to more details)

With collar flap, closure by 5 buttons and two pockets in the lower side and one on the chest. White color

# SKU Title Price
1 mnd-5000-1059 (Not set)
2 mnd-5000-1060 (Not set)
3 mnd-5000-1061 (Not set)
4 mnd-5000-1062 (Not set)
5 mnd-5000-1063 (Not set)
6 mnd-5000-1064 (Not set)
7 mnd-5000-1065 (Not set)
8 mnd-5000-1066 (Not set)
9 mnd-5000-1067 (Not set)
10 mnd-5000-1068 (Not set)
11 mnd-5000-1069 (Not set)
12 mnd-5000-1070 (Not set)
13 mnd-5000-1071 (Not set)
14 mnd-5000-1072 (Not set)
15 mnd-5000-1073 (Not set)
16 mnd-5000-1074 (Not set)
17 mnd-5000-1075 (Not set)
18 mnd-5000-1076 (Not set)
19 mnd-5000-1077 (Not set)
20 mnd-5000-1078 (Not set)

Disposable visitor coat (click to more details)

Made of polypropylene with and without pockets, velcro closure, one size

# SKU Title Price
1 mnd-5000-1080 (Not set)

Lab-coat for women (click to more details)

With collar flap, closure by 5 buttons. Two pockets in the lower side , one on the chest. White color

# SKU Title Price
1 mnd-5000-1036 (Not set)
2 mnd-5000-1037 (Not set)
3 mnd-5000-1038 (Not set)
4 mnd-5000-1039 (Not set)
5 mnd-5000-1040 (Not set)
6 mnd-5000-1041 (Not set)
7 mnd-5000-1042 (Not set)
8 mnd-5000-1043 (Not set)
9 mnd-5000-1044 (Not set)
10 mnd-5000-1045 (Not set)
11 mnd-5000-1046 (Not set)
12 mnd-5000-1047 (Not set)
13 mnd-5000-1048 (Not set)
14 mnd-5000-1049 (Not set)
15 mnd-5000-1050 (Not set)
16 mnd-5000-1051 (Not set)
17 mnd-5000-1052 (Not set)
18 mnd-5000-1053 (Not set)
19 mnd-5000-1054 (Not set)
20 mnd-5000-1055 (Not set)

Laboratory scrub set (click to more details)

Set of unisex laboratory scrub with long sleeve top. Made of twill (65% polyester/35% cotton), white. Includes a V-neck top with a chest pocket and two waist patch pockets, as well as a pair of elastic waistband pants with 2 italian pockets. Grammage: 195 g

# SKU Title Price
1 mnd-5000-1086 (Not set)
2 mnd-5000-1087 (Not set)
3 mnd-5000-1088 (Not set)
4 mnd-5000-1089 (Not set)
5 mnd-5000-1090 (Not set)
6 mnd-5000-1091 (Not set)
7 mnd-5000-1092 (Not set)
8 mnd-5000-1093 (Not set)
9 mnd-5000-1094 (Not set)
10 mnd-5000-1095 (Not set)
11 mnd-5000-1096 (Not set)
12 mnd-5000-1097 (Not set)
13 mnd-5000-1098 (Not set)
14 mnd-5000-1099 (Not set)

Latex disposable exam gloves (click to more details)

Available in powdered and powder-free option, non sterile. 100% pure natural latex, natural colour. Ambidextrous. AQL 1.5. According to 89/686/CEE, EN 420 and EN 374 1/2 standards

# SKU Title Price
1 mnd-5000-1116 (Not set)
2 mnd-5000-1117 (Not set)
3 mnd-5000-1118 (Not set)
4 mnd-5000-1119 (Not set)
5 mnd-5000-1120 (Not set)
6 mnd-5000-1121 (Not set)
7 mnd-5000-1122 (Not set)
8 mnd-5000-1123 (Not set)
9 mnd-5000-1124 (Not set)
10 mnd-5000-1125 (Not set)
11 mnd-5000-1126 (Not set)
12 mnd-5000-1127 (Not set)
13 mnd-5000-1128 (Not set)
14 mnd-5000-1129 (Not set)
15 mnd-5000-1130 (Not set)
16 mnd-5000-1131 (Not set)
17 mnd-5000-1132 (Not set)
18 mnd-5000-1133 (Not set)

Latex exam gloves, sterile (click to more details)

Available in powdered or powder-free option, single use. Sterile by gamma rays. Anatomical design, flanged cuff, bent out. Indicated for clinical procedures or hospitals. Great sensitivity to touch. In compliance with UNE 455 (1, 2, 3,4), UNE 374 (1,2,4), UNE 420, UNE EN-16523

# SKU Title Price
1 mnd-5000-1135 (Not set)
2 mnd-5000-1136 (Not set)
3 mnd-5000-1137 (Not set)
4 mnd-5000-1138 (Not set)
5 mnd-5000-1139 (Not set)
6 mnd-5000-1140 (Not set)
7 mnd-5000-1141 (Not set)
8 mnd-5000-1142 (Not set)
9 mnd-5000-1143 (Not set)
10 mnd-5000-1144 (Not set)
11 mnd-5000-1145 (Not set)
12 mnd-5000-1146 (Not set)
13 mnd-5000-1147 (Not set)

Nitrile disposable gloves ‘SENSITIVE’ (click to more details)

Powder-free, non sterile. More sensitive to touch than usual nitrile gloves. With the advantages of nitrile gloves at a more competitive price. 100% latex protein free. Ambidextrous. AQL 1,5. According to EU 2016/425, EN 420, and EN 374 1/5 standards

# SKU Title Price
1 mnd-5000-1101 (Not set)
2 mnd-5000-1102 (Not set)
3 mnd-5000-1103 (Not set)
4 mnd-5000-1104 (Not set)
5 mnd-5000-1105 (Not set)
6 mnd-5000-1106 (Not set)
7 mnd-5000-1107 (Not set)
8 mnd-5000-1108 (Not set)
9 mnd-5000-1109 (Not set)
10 mnd-5000-1110 (Not set)

Reusable nitrile gloves (click to more details)

Powder free, non-sterile. The external surface has an anti-slip effect on fingers and palm for better grip. Internal surface is smooth, soft, comfortable, allows you to put on and take off the glove easily. According to EN 420, EN 374 1/2/3 and EN 388 standards

# SKU Title Price
1 mnd-5000-1112 (Not set)
2 mnd-5000-1113 (Not set)
3 mnd-5000-1114 (Not set)