Anti-static weighing brush (click to more details)

Model: Anti-static weighing brush
SKU: mnd-5000-1428

Made of ABS. Synthetic hair

l(mm): 110,

type: anti-static,

pcs/pack: 1

Anti-vibration table, INBAUTEK (click to more details)

Model: Anti-vibration table, INBAUTEK
SKU: mnd-5000-1439

The table is composed of two independent structures, one assembled inside another. The interior structure is made of cold rolled steel tube and finished in epoxy-polyester paint. This structure integrates the silentbock system on which four marble stones are placed to ensure the absence of vibrations. The surface is topped in compact phenolic Trespa Toplab, which will form the anti-vibration zone. The outer structure is also composed of cold-rolled steel and epoxy-polyester paint, on which falls the work surface of compact phenolic Trespa Toplab. As this structure is completely independent, the vibrations are not transmitted to the interior structure. Dimensions of the table: 900 x 750 x 900 mm. The table includes a leveling system to save soil irregularities. Delivery time: 2 weeks

Anti-vibration table, RADWAG (click to more details)

Model: Anti-vibration table, RADWAG
SKU: mnd-5000-1438

Designed for use in the laboratory or metrology room to provide suitable working conditions for devices that are sensitive to vibrations and shocks. Table dimensions: 770 x 650 x 815 ±10 mm. Easy to set up light weight mild steel. Adjustable levelling feet to take care of un-even floor. Scratch-proof top slab to avoid surface damage and marble finish (dimensions: 410 x 270 x 115 mm). Delivery time 20 days. Warranty 2 years

Data collection software for balances (click to more details)

AdamDU (Data Utility) software lets you easily capture data from Adam Equipment balances and scales for immediate analysis or export to other applications. Full information and a trial download at: Delivery time 10 days

Density determination kit (click to more details)

The density determination kit allows the user to weigh a sample in air and then weigh the same in water or other liquid with a known density. The software in the balance takes the operator through the process and finally displays the resultant density on the LCD in g/cm³, compensating for temperature and for the use of alternative fluids when calculating the density of solids. Delivery time 10 – 20 days

Hard carry cases for balances (click to more details)

Rugged construction keeps the scale safe. Key lock latches for security. Delivery time 10 days

# SKU Title Price
1 mnd-5000-1468 (Not set)
2 mnd-5000-1469 (Not set)

Thermal printer for balances (click to more details)

A general purpose thermal tally roll printer specifically designed to work with the Adam series of balances. The printer comes preset to work with the default RS-232 interface found on the Adam balances. The printer is easy to use with only an On/Off switch and a paper feed button. Paper width: 57.5 mm. Delivery time 10 days

Weighing funnel (click to more details)

Made of borosilicate glass LGB 3.3

# SKU Title Price
1 mnd-5000-1441 (Not set)
2 mnd-5000-1442 (Not set)
3 mnd-5000-1443 (Not set)

Weighing pan, aluminium (click to more details)

Also used in moisturing process

# SKU Title Price
1 mnd-5000-1445 (Not set)
2 mnd-5000-1446 (Not set)
3 mnd-5000-1447 (Not set)
4 mnd-5000-1448 (Not set)
5 mnd-5000-1449 (Not set)

Weighing paper PRAT DUMAS (click to more details)

Model: Weighing paper PRAT DUMAS
SKU: mnd-5000-1429

In square sheets. 100 % cellulose without binder. Surface weight: 25 g/m². Suitable for food applications. Paper used for the weighing of substances of all kinds, more particulary in the sugar industry to determine beets sugar content

l(mm): 100,

w(mm): 100,

pcs per sales unit: 1000