ULTRA LOW retention, micropipette tips, polypropylene, premium line (click to more details)

Ultra Low Retention (ULR) version of our Premium Line high quality tips. Liquid handling accuracy and precision are crucial to success in today’s molecular biology laboratories, especially for DNA analysis and protein handling. A significant part of pipette inaccuracy is due to binding of sample. Our ULR-tips are manufactured with a high quality diamond finish mold using specially developed resins to create a “super hydrophobic“ internal surface thus reducing the binding and increasing sample delivery accuracy. On average ULR tips reduces the tip retention by nearly 85 % and decreases the standard deviation of the retained volume by more than 75 %. For pipette compatibility, refer to compatibility table. Human DNA-free and certified free from DNase, RNase and PCR inhibitors. Presented in sterile polypropylene racks. Natural color. Certificate of sterilization included

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1 mnd-5000-1720 (Not set)
2 mnd-5000-1721 (Not set)
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4 mnd-5000-1723 (Not set)
5 mnd-5000-1724 (Not set)
6 mnd-5000-1725 (Not set)
7 mnd-5000-1726 (Not set)
8 mnd-5000-1727 (Not set)