Benchtop stainless steel vacuum glove box (31"x 26" x 28") with airlock and vacuum flange & gauge

Benchtop stainless steel vacuum glove box (31"x 26" x 28") with airlock and vacuum flange & gauge

Large Two Ports Stainless Steel Vacuum Glove Box with Vacuum Flange & Airlock Chamber is a heavy duty stainless steel glove box with Airlock Chamber, Gauges and vacuum Flanges, which allow glove box operate under vacuum to remove moisture and oxygen without expensive inert gas purging, It is an ideal tool for material and chemical researchers to process air sensitive materials and solutions. 

Category: Equipment
Model: VGB-3
SKU: mnd-5000-917

Product Description

Application of vacuum glove box: 
1.MOCVD technology in the semiconductor industry.  
2.Special lamps (HID) development and production.
3.Microelectronics, laser and plasma welding.  
4.OLED / PLED development and production. 
5.The development and production of lithium-ion batteries. 
6.Inorganic / Organic Chemistry Research.

7.Metal halide / metal powder / ceramic powder research. 
8.Nanotechnology research materials. 

Technical Parameter of vacuum glove box:   

Glove Box Chamber
1.Case Material: Made of 11 gauge (3mm thickness) 304 stainless steel sheet with sport frame and plastic painting, which provide heavy duty structure for vacuum
2.Dimensions: 780mm(L) x 700mm(W) x 650mm(H)
3.Max. Positive Pressure: 810 Torr (1.1 atm)
Note: Gloves cannot work if pressure is higher than 810 Torr
4.Max. Vacuum Level: 0.5 Torr
Air-lock Chamber
Dimensions: 240mm(ID) x 260mm(L)
Max. Vacuum Level: 0.05 Torr 
Vacuum gauge and valves 1.Two vacuum flanges are included for glove box to achieve vacuum to remove moisture and oxygen without expensive inert gas purging
2.Two KF-25 vacuum fitting ports with Quick Clamps are installed in the back for connecting vacuum pump, electric/fluid feed-through, gas circulating/purifying system, or other testing equipment
Leakage Rate in Glove Box Chamber < 6 Torr/hour 
Power Extension One extension socket (Max power 1500W) is installed in the glove box main chamber.
One pair of Latex Gloves are included for immediate use
Clamps and sealing flanges included
Warranty One year limited warranty with lifetime support
Vacuum pump and fittings (Optional)