Leaf alcohol (ethyl) acetal

Category: Flavors & Fragrances

A leafy, green vegetable-like odor.

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1 mnd-ff-35000-328 (Not set)
Odor Description: A leafy, green vegetable-like odor.
Fragrance Use: Adds a green top note; stable to alkali.
Recommended Fragrance Use Level: Traces - 1%
Tenacity on Blotter: > 1 hour
Taste Description: Green, slight fatty, vegetable, fruity notes for ripe fruits.
Flavor Use: Green vegetables, especially green beans. Ripe fruits such as apple and pear.
Synonyms3-Hexene, 1-(1-ethoxyethoxy)-, (3Z)-
Molecular FormulaC10H20O2
Cas Number28069-74-1