Trans-3-hexenoic acid (pure)

Trans-3-hexenoic acid (pure)

A diffusive cheese odor; somewhat fruity.

Category: Flavors & Fragrances
SKU: mnd-ff-35000-271
CAS Number: 1577-18-0
Synonyms: e-3-Hexenoic acid
Molecular Formula: C6H10O2
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Product Description

Odor Description: A diffusive cheese odor; somewhat fruity.
Fragrance Use: Could be used very sparingly in appropriate applications.
Recommended Fragrance Use Level: Traces
Tenacity on Blotter: > 8 hours
Taste Description: Strong acidic, cheesy character, with honey backnotes.
Flavor Use: Sharp, acidic backnotes of all types of fruits, especially raspberry and strawberry, pineapple, apple, aged cheeses, and other dairy applications. May also be good for honey flavors.

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