4-inch anti-corrosion spin coater with heatable sample stage

4-inch anti-corrosion spin coater with heatable sample stage

This product is a spin coater, also known as the spin processor, which uses centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation to coat film materials. This model adopts a special design, so that the substrate can be heated simultaneously during the spin coating process. The maximum heating temperature is 200℃, which can meet the temperature requirements of some solutions in the spin coating process. At the same time, the equipment is also equipped with a liquid drain pipe and a waste tank to facilitate customers to collect waste liquid and effectively prevent corrosive liquid from splashing into the environment.

Category: Equipment
SKU: mnd-5000-807

Product Description

Technical parameters:

Power supply

  AC220V, 50Hz

Chamber material


Upper cover

  PVC (Polyvinyl chloride, for observing the coating state conveniently)

Sample stage

  Gold-plated copper plate, with good thermal conductivity

Substrate size

  Diameter ≤ 4 inches (100mm)

Heating mode

  Ceramic heating ring

Operating temperature


Rotation speed


Speed resolution


Operation Mode

  7 inch HD LCD touch screen

Glue dropping mode

  Manual glue dispensing, liquid can be supplied during spin coating

Liquid drain pipe and waste liquid tank


Spin coating curve

  Each curve has 5 segments, a total of 5 curves can be stored

Vacuum chuck

  Gold-plated, 3 pieces with diameters of 10mm, 25mm, 55mm

vacuum pump

  Oil-less pump

Pumping speed

  50 L/min


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