Anti-corrosion intelligent program-controlled spin coater

Anti-corrosion intelligent program-controlled spin coater

Anti-corrosion intelligent program-controlled spin coater is suitable for surface coating processes such as semiconductors, crystals, optical discs, and plate making. This machine can be used for the preparation of coating film of strong acid and strong alkaline coating solution.

Category: Equipment
SKU: mnd-5000-836

Product Description

Anti-corrosion intelligent program-controlled spin coater is our newly designed high-end type of spin coater, which is optimized according to user experience feedback. The product has the highest performance parameters and the most user-friendly working interface, providing users with unparalleled feeling of use. It is suitable for high-end Laboratory applications and industrial applications.


Anti-corrosion intelligent program-controlled spin coater features:

1.Durable design without blocking glue.

2.Simple and reliable carrier replacement design.

3.Side replaceable glue bottle waste glue collection.

4.Electric telescopic adjustable angle touch screen.

5.Perfect non-splashing and airflow system design.

6.Standard speed up to 12000rpm.

7.Unlimited program steps and group steps can be edited.

8.Multi-channel automatic precision dispensing system can be upgraded.

9.Easy to clean and corrosion resistant ultra-high polymer material inner chamber.

10.Corrosion-resistant polypropylene (PP) polymer shell.

11.Novel graphical operating interface, user-friendly control.

12.Corrosion-resistant transparent window cover, static and dynamic dispensing is optional.


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