Automatic single column recirculating oxygen gas purification unit

Category: Equipment
Model: EQ-RMP-2-LD
SKU: mnd-5000-918

Automatic Recirculating Moisture & Oxygen Purification System for Glove Box (O2 & H2O < 1 ppm)- EQ-RMP-2-LD
EQ-RMP-2 Automatic Recirculating Moisture & Oxygen Purification System can provide an oilless,dry gas environment with moisture & oxygen concentration lower than  p1 ppm for MTI's stainless steel glove boxes (VGB-3 and VGB-4A). Also, it can be used in MTI vacuum tube furnace to replace turbo pup and achieve oxygen <1 ppm atmosphrer.  It is an ideal tool to prepare material which is both sensitive to oxygen and moisture.The system is very compact and easily fits under the glove box. It contains purification material inside the purification cylinder to soak gas moisture and oxygen during the recirculating process. When moisture and oxygen is saturated with the purification material, regeneration temperature controller can help regenerate the purification material for extended usage.

Working Voltage 220V 50/60Hz, Single Phase (110V version is available at extra cost)
Purification System Automatic moisture and oxygen removal to < 1 ppm (Li-Ion battery assembling requires <11 ppm moisture)
Precision Humidity Analyzer with KF25 Flange (0-999 ppm) and oxygen sensor are installed on the Purification System with accuracy of +/- 0.1 ppm
Large capacity moisture filter built in bottom of mobile cart, which can soak moisture upto 1.5 kg
Regeneration Temperature Controller is built in for automatically regenerating filter
Automatic pressure control system is built in to keep pressure at constant level
6" color PLC touch panel is included which can set and display the humidity, oxygen concentration, and pressure level
The control panel is removable, which can be placed any place for easy operation
Purification Pipeline Two 304 stainless steel KF40 ports for inert gas inlet / outlet recirculation through filter
One heavy duty vacuum pump, 240L/m is included in this system: EQ-YTP-550             
Working gases Working gases: Atmospheric gases, N2, Argon
Regeneration Gas: N2
One float meter built in bottom mobile cart for accurate gas filling
Net weight 70 kg (155 lbs)
Product Dimension 960mm(L) x 700mm(W) x 800mm(H) (38" x 28" x 32")
Shipping Dimension 1100mm(L) x 815mm(W) x 1200mm(H) (44" x 32" x 47")