Automatic single column recirculating oxygen gas purification unit

Automatic single column recirculating oxygen gas purification unit

Introducing the EQ-RMP-2 Automatic Recirculating Moisture & Oxygen Purification System (O2 & H2O < 1 ppm), designed for MTI's stainless steel glove boxes (VGB-3 and VGB-4A) and vacuum tube furnaces. This system creates an oilless, dry gas environment with moisture and oxygen concentrations below 1 ppm, making it ideal for materials sensitive to oxygen and moisture. The compact design easily fits under the glove box and features a purification cylinder with regeneration capabilities, ensuring prolonged use by efficiently removing gas moisture and oxygen during recirculation.



Category: Equipment
Model: EQ-RMP-2-LD
SKU: mnd-5000-918

Product Description

The Automatic Recirculating Moisture & Oxygen Purification System (Model: EQ-RMP-2-LD) is designed to provide a controlled environment for various applications. It operates at a working voltage of 220V 50/60Hz, with an optional 110V version available at an additional cost. The purification system ensures automatic moisture and oxygen removal to achieve concentrations of <1 ppm, a crucial requirement for Li-Ion battery assembling (which requires <11 ppm moisture). The system includes a Precision Humidity Analyzer with a KF25 Flange (0-999 ppm) and an oxygen sensor, offering an accuracy of +/- 0.1 ppm. A large capacity moisture filter is integrated into the bottom of the mobile cart, capable of absorbing moisture up to 1.5 kg.

To maintain peak performance, a Regeneration Temperature Controller is built in for the automatic regeneration of the filter. Additionally, an automatic pressure control system is incorporated to keep pressure at a constant level. The system is equipped with a 6-inch color PLC touch panel that enables users to set and monitor humidity, oxygen concentration, and pressure levels. The control panel is conveniently removable for flexible placement during operation. The purification pipeline features two 304 stainless steel KF40 ports for inert gas inlet and outlet recirculation through the filter.

This system includes one heavy-duty vacuum pump (240L/m) (Model: EQ-YTP-550) and is compatible with various working gases, including atmospheric gases, N2, and Argon. Regeneration gas is supplied in the form of N2. To ensure accurate gas filling, a float meter is built into the bottom of the mobile cart. The system has a net weight of 70 kg (155 lbs) and dimensions of 960mm(L) x 700mm(W) x 800mm(H) (38" x 28" x 32"). When shipped, it measures 1100mm(L) x 815mm(W) x 1200mm(H) (44" x 32" x 47").

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