Single workstation single side laboratory glove box

Single workstation single side laboratory glove box

Glove box is a device that provides a water-free and oxygen-free environment. It is mainly composed of display system, transition chamber, vacuum system, control system, box chamber, circulation purification and regeneration system, etc. it can also be integrated with gas purification system, solvent filtration system and water oxygen display system. The box is beautiful and novel, and the performance is stable. It is made of high-quality steel plate or mirror stainless steel argon arc welding, and double-layer tempered glass.

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Product Description

Technical parameters of vacuum glove box:

Box chamber


1200mm (L) x 900mm (H) x 1000mm (W)


304 stainless steel :thickness 3mm


Aperture 3 μM


0.4mm thickness, butyl material, glove mouth:8-inch,hard aluminum alloy (anti-corrosion treatment, anodized aluminum), caliber 220mm


Inclined operating surface;Detachable 8mm safety tempered glass front window, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, good light transmission;3/8 inch thick OMEGA seal

Working pressure

- 10mbar ~ 10mbar


Anti reflection lighting energy saving lamp, with soft   light.

Power supply

220V ± 10% 50Hz ± 10% (multi hole power terminal block)


Display board(two layers)

Transition chamber


cylindrical (304 stainless steel),   connected with glove box, valve control


Large chamber: φ360mm *L600mm, piston door, sliding tray, polishing, automatic valve control air extraction and replenishment.

Small chamber: φ 150 mm *L300 mm, manual valve control air extraction and replenishment.


stainless steel 300mm × 450mm,freely movable extension (large transition cabin configuration)

Vacuum degree

≤1bar(Both the large and small  are shown)

Control system


including self-diagnosis, power-off and self-starting features, with pressure control and self-adaptive functions. Automatic control, cycle control, password protection, vacuum chamber control adopt LCD display. The unit control uses Siemens PLC touch screen

Pressure control

control the pressure of the box and the transition cabin to a certain set value.

Foot pedal

It can control the pressure of the glove box and is easy to operate.


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