Small desktop precision spin coating machine

Small desktop precision spin coating machine

Small desktop precision spin coating machine is mainly used for liquid materials, gels, flowable pastes and other thin film materials. It can provide controlled high-speed rotation in an instant, and quickly make liquid, gel and other materials on the substrate. The film is uniformly formed on the upper surface. The device is easy to operate, easy to clean, and compact, so the device is widely used in universities and research institutes.

Category: Equipment
SKU: mnd-5000-833

Product Description

Small desktop precision spin coating machine performance parameter:

Speed adjustable range: 100-9999rpm

Accelerated speed adjustable range: 100-9999rpm/s

Rotate speed: 1rpm

The maximu single step length: 3000s

Time resolution: 1s

Single - and multi-step runs are optional and can be programmed with 5 groups of 5 - step programs

Wide voltage input: AC100-230v, available in Chinese and English


Small desktop precision spin coating machine product features advantages:

75W brushless dc motor, SCM(Single Chip Micyoco) control

High-definition text display

Single - step and multi - step homogenizing operation

Anti-blocking design

PP corrosion resistant inner chamber, replaceable

Solvent resistant PC transparent cover

Corrosion resistant and easy to clean PP housing

Multi-angle positioning hinge design

Aluminum alloy vacuum chuck


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