Spin coating unit with UV curing system

Spin coating unit with UV curing system

The SP8-UV spin coater utilizes centrifugal force generated through high-speed rotation for film material coating and incorporates an ultraviolet light source to facilitate the drying of specialized film materials. This model features a precision DC brushless motor characterized by rapid startup and stable speed, thereby guaranteeing consistent and uniform coating thickness. Sample fixation is achieved through vacuum adsorption, offering user-friendly handling and the freedom to easily position and remove samples. Various suction cup sizes are available to accommodate different sample sizes, and vacuum chuck replacement is straightforward and convenient.


Category: Equipment
Model: SP8-UV
SKU: mnd-5000-818

Product Description

The SP8-UV model is capable of achieving a maximum rotation speed of 10,000 RPM with a precision speed resolution of 1 RPM. It allows for a maximum rotation time of 3000 seconds, with a resolution of 1 second. The spin coater offers a maximum acceleration of 8000 RPM per second. It features an integrated ultraviolet (UV) light source emitting at a wavelength of 365nm. This versatile device accommodates samples with a size of up to 8 inches. In terms of physical dimensions, it measures 290mm in width, 360mm in depth, and 370mm in height, with a total weight of 20kg. The power input requirements are AC200-230V, with a power consumption of 600W. For vacuum operations, the coater necessitates a pressure range of 0.06-0.09Mpa, with a minimum vacuum flow of 15L/min or more. It is equipped with a φ8mm quick screw interface for vacuum connections. The working gas required is non-corrosive and can include gases such as nitrogen, argon, and oxygen, among others.



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