Stainless steel case 8-inch spin coater with PP chamber

Stainless steel case 8-inch spin coater with PP chamber

After being miniaturized, this model of spin coater adopts stainless steel structure, and the chamber is made of PP, which is beautiful and firm. The instrument adopts advanced precision motor, and the rotation speed can reach 10,000 rpm, which effectively guarantees the uniformity of the film formation. In addition, the instrument is controlled by a touch screen, which can preset a uniform curve, which greatly simplifies the use process and reduces the learning cost, which is very suitable for laboratory purchase.

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SKU: mnd-5000-809

Product Description


Application of stainless steel case 8-inch spin coater:

The spin coater can coat liquid or colloidal materials on silicon wafers, crystals, quartz, ceramics and other substrates to form thin films. It is mainly used in the fields of photoresist spin coating, biological medium production, and sol-gel method to produce polymer films.

Technical parameters of stainless steel case 8-inch spin coater :

Spin coater

Supply voltage

AC220V, 50Hz

Rotating speed




Speed resolution


Step time


Substrate size

Diameter ≤8 inches (200mm)

Chamber material


Operation method

7 inch HD LCD touch screen

Epoxy method

Manual dispensing, optional precision   injection pump

Homogenization curve

5 segments per curve, 5 curves can be   stored in total

Pumping interface

φ8mm quick-twist interface

 Overall size


 Total Weight


Exhaust system

Vacuum pump

Dry mechanical pump

Pumping rate


Power supply

AC220V  50/60Hz


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