Dual target upper sputtering DC RF magnetron sputtering coating machine

SKU: MND-134019
Model: MSP500S-DCRF-B

MSP500S-DCRF-B is a special laboratory coating machine with two targets developed by our company. this magnetron sputtering coater machine is equipped with a DC power supply and a RF power supply. It can be used to prepare single or multi-layer ferroelectric thin films, conductive films, alloy films, semiconductor films, ceramic films, dielectric films, optical films, etc.

 Product Description

The MSP500S-DCRF-B magnetron sputtering coater epitomizes cutting-edge technology, offering a myriad of advantages over conventional plasma sputtering. The distinctive features of this model are tailored to enhance efficiency and precision in film deposition for laboratory applications. Magnetron sputtering, in comparison to its plasma counterpart, stands out for its heightened energy, accelerated speed, increased deposition rate, and minimized temperature rise of the sample.

Integral to the coater's design is the incorporation of a water-cooled interlayer in the magnetron target. This strategic inclusion ensures prolonged stability during operation by efficiently dissipating heat, preventing the accumulation of excess heat on the target surface. The innovative layout places the sample table on top, adopting an under-target configuration. The height of the sample table in relation to the target surface can be meticulously adjusted through programming. This multifunctional table is not only adjustable but also boasts rotational and heating capabilities, delivering stellar performance.

Model MSP500S-DCRF-B operates seamlessly on AC220V at 50Hz, with a total power consumption of 6KW. Achieving an impressive ultimate vacuum degree of 5x10-4Pa, the coater features a 150mm diameter sample table with adjustable height, heating capabilities up to ≤500℃, and variable rotation speeds ranging from 1 to 20 rpm. The magnetron sputtering head, equipped with two sets of 2-inch targets, incorporates an efficient water-cooling system requiring a flow rate of 10L/min. A dedicated water chiller with 10L/min circulating water cooling further contributes to optimal temperature control. The stainless steel vacuum chamber, measuring 500mm in diameter and 490mm in height, encompasses a 100mm diameter watch window and a user-friendly front-opening door.

For precise control of the coating process, the coater includes a gas flow controller with one channel, accommodating a 200sccm capacity for argon (Ar) gas. The vacuum pump system utilizes a molecular pump with a commendable pumping capacity of 600L/S. Film thickness measurements are executed with a quartz vibrating film thickness gauge, showcasing an impressive resolution of 0.10 Å. The coater is equipped with both a 500W DC power supply for metal film deposition and a 500W RF power supply tailored for non-metallic films. User-friendly operation is facilitated through an intuitive all-in-one computer interface. Sized at 1090mm x 900mm x 1250mm with a weight of 350kg, this coater's detailed technical specifications underscore its advanced features, positioning it as a state-of-the-art solution in the realm of magnetron sputtering technology.

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