Micro flow rate syringe pump (suitable for glass syringe)

SKU: MND-134508

Micro flow rate syringe pump is a split-type, multi-channel series connection push-pull type syringe pump, which can independently control up to 8 channels of syringe pump, and install different sizes of syringes (injectors). Micro flow rate syringe pump is widely used in biology and chemistry reaction injection experiments, long-term animal drug injection experiments, electrospinning, microfluidic applications and other laboratory microinjection experiments, etc., through the mechanical device to promote the syringe, to achieve high-precision, smooth liquid transmission.

 Product Description

The micro flow rate syringe pump stands out as a precision-driven device, elevating user experience with advanced features. Its 4.3-inch colorful LCD screen, equipped with touch functionality, provides an intuitive interface for seamless operation. Offering the convenience of computer control through a USB-TTL232 communication line, the pump ensures connectivity and control through dedicated software. A distinctive feature is its multi-channel independence, allowing split-type selection and individual control of the syringe pump across multiple channels. This capability enables efficient management of various channel combinations with a single controller, whether it be the touch screen or a connected computer. Designed for cleanliness and reliability, the pump supports remote control via a wireless mouse, making it ideal for ultra-clean working environments and enclosed spaces.


The program boasts a multi-factory mode covering over 95% of common syringe models and adapts to newly introduced syringes. Users can engage in DIY functionality with access to the dynamic library and programming interfaces, supporting secondary development through programming languages like C#, C++, and VB on personal computers. The flow calibration function ensures accuracy, rectifying volume errors resulting from prolonged usage. Protection settings define left and right limit positions, safeguarding the syringe from potential damage. The system's memory functionality automatically saves operating parameters, facilitating a seamless resumption of work after power-on, enhancing efficiency and convenience.


The micro flow rate syringe pump is meticulously designed with specifications to ensure precise and controlled operation. Offering flexibility with 1 to 8 channels for various applications, the pump achieves an incredibly small infusion volume per microstep, suitable for syringe types ranging from 0.5uL to 1mL. With an advance of 0.156um per microstep, the pump provides an extensive flow range from 0.1uL/h to 2.02mL/min, accommodating diverse scenarios. Operating in push and pull modes, it generates a linear force of over 30N for precise control. Control accuracy is a standout feature, with an error rate of ≤0.1% when the stroke exceeds 30% of the full stroke. The 4.3-inch LCD colorful touch screen enhances user-friendly control and display. Operating within a voltage range of DC18V to DC36V, the pump functions effectively in a temperature range of 5-40℃ with a relative humidity of <80%. The compact mainframe measures 1754566mm, weighing 0.6kg, while the touch screen dimensions are 1188634mm, emphasizing a compact and versatile design.




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