Microwave2000 Multifunctional Microwave Chemistry Reaction Workstation

SKU: MND-134290
Model: Microwave2000

In Microwave2000 Multifunctional Microwave Chemistry Reaction Workstation, three energy sources - microwave, ultrasonic and ultraviolet irradiation can be free combined and work together,and software control them timing on and off, achieving the synergistic effectby multi energies. 

 Product Description

The Microwave2000 Multifunctional Microwave Chemistry Reaction Workstation stands out with its innovative design, integrating atmospheric pressure and pressurized reactions, microwave, ultrasonic wave, and ultraviolet irradiation functionalities. It offers unparalleled flexibility, combining a variety of features within a single system. The workstation operates on a power supply of 220-240VAC, drawing a current of 9A and utilizing a microwave source at 2450MHz with a continuous, non-pulse, and automatically adjustable power output of 0-1000W. The microwave oven chamber, constructed from 316L stainless steel with multi-layer anticorrosive PFA Teflon coating, ensures durability and effective corrosion resistance.


For precise temperature control, the workstation employs a dual-channel temperature detection system with Infrared temperature sensors and PT-100 resistor temperature sensors. The pressure measuring and control system, utilizing piezoelectric crystal pressure sensors, ensures accuracy within a control range of 0~5MPa. The equipment can operate at a maximum temperature of 300℃, extendable to 900℃ with specific configurations. The high-pressure reaction mode supports a maximum working temperature of 230℃, and the standard maximum working pressure of high-pressure reaction is 2 MPa. The workstation also includes a UV light source system with UV power options of 300W and 100W, featuring dominant wavelengths of 365nm (standard) and 254nm (optional).


The ultrasonic system employs an immersion ultrasonic launcher with adjustable ultrasound power (0-800W) and a frequency of 28KHZ, featuring automatic frequency sweeping and locking. The stirring system incorporates digital constant speed mechanical stirring with a rotation speed of 30 - 1600r/min and a torque of 300 N.m, supporting both clockwise and anticlockwise stirring. The software system, operating on Windows software and a 7-inch color LCD touch screen, provides accurate parameter settings and real-time display. The workstation's connectivity with a computer enables the transmission and recording of reaction parameters and curves. The video system offers real-time display of the reaction process through a 7-inch color LCD screen.


With a comprehensive exhaust system, the workstation includes a high-speed hot blast fan within the oven chamber, automatic speed adjustments based on reaction conditions, and a blast capacity of 3m3/min. It supports various reaction vessels, including standard 50 to 1000ml high borosilicate glass options, optional 2000ml high borosilicate glass vessels, and 50 to 1000ml quartz reaction vessels. For high-pressure applications, it accommodates 100ml, 200ml, and 500ml TFM high-pressure digestion inner vessels with aerospace composite fiber explosion-proof outer vessels and high-strength alloy frames. The workstation operates within a temperature range of 0 to 40℃ and a humidity range of 15 to 80% RH, with physical dimensions measuring 500x625x580mm (Width×depth×height) and a weight of 48kg, making it a versatile and comprehensive system for a wide range of chemical reactions and experiments.




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