MIL-100 (Cr) / 1g

Synonym: Cr-MIL 100; MIL 100; MIL-100(Cr)
Molecular Formula: C18H8O15FCr3 x H2O
Molecular Weight: 657.25
SKU: MND-151625
CAS Number: 840523-88-8
Form: Green Powder
Packing size: 1g  

 Product Description

MIL-100 (Cr) is a metal-organic framework (MOF) featuring chromium nodes, known for its high porosity and stability, suitable for gas storage and catalysis applications.



MIL-100 (Cr) is utilized for gas adsorption and storage, particularly for capturing and storing gases such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen, as well as for catalyzing various chemical reactions due to its porous structure.