MIL-53-NH2 (Al) / 1g

Synonym: ((2-Amino-4-carboxylatobenzoyl)oxy)(hydroxy)aluminum(III)
Molecular Formula: C8H5AlNO5
Molecular Weight: 222.11
SKU: MND-151634
CAS Number: 1134360-62-5
Form: White Powder
Packing size: 1g  

 Product Description

MIL-53-NH2 (Al) is an aluminum-based metal-organic framework (MOF) featuring amino functional groups. It possesses a porous structure and high surface area, making it suitable for various applications in gas storage, catalysis, and drug delivery.



MIL-53-NH2 (Al) finds application in gas storage, catalysis, and drug delivery due to its porous structure and functionalized amino groups. It is used for gas adsorption and separation, catalyzing chemical reactions, and delivering drugs in controlled release formulations.