Mini Arc Melting Furnace with Quartz chamber

SKU: MND-134198
Model: MSM-130A

Mini Arc Melting Furnace (Quartz chamber) is a cheap and small vacuum arc melting furnace with tungsten electrode and water-cooled copper crucible. The melting temperature of the equipment can exceed 3000℃, and then the temperature is quickly reduced.

 Product Description

The transparent quartz chamber can be used to observe the melting of the sample at 360 degrees. Mini Arc Melting Furnace is a high quality and inexpensive experimental tool for sample smelting, heat treatment, and the phase diagram study. The Mini Arc Melting Furnace with Quartz chamber, model MSM-130A, offers a range of advanced features for precise and controlled sample melting. This furnace is designed for melting sample amounts of up to 10 grams, achieving temperatures as high as 3000℃. Its distinctive feature is the transparent quartz cavity, complete with a protective cover, allowing for a 360° observation of the sample melting process. The furnace incorporates a water-cooled copper crucible to efficiently manage the melting process. Additionally, the melting gun angle is adjustable, providing flexibility for various smelting requirements. The vacuum interface is equipped with a flexible bellows to ensure a tight and secure seal. In terms of technical specifications, the furnace includes a mechanical pressure gauge for measuring the chamber's internal pressure. Users have the option to choose a digital display anti-corrosion vacuum gauge for enhanced monitoring. The arc power operates with a 380VAC, three-phase input voltage, requiring a maximum input current of 10A and a 40A air switch. The output voltage/current is 22.6 V / 315A (DC), controlled by a push-button switch. The furnace comes equipped with a 4mm diameter tungsten electrode with water cooling on the head. The electrode gun angle is adjustable, facilitating the smelting of multiple samples. It has a melting capacity of less than 10 grams, with a temperature capability of up to 3000℃. The furnace also includes a water-cooled copper crucible featuring four work stations, each measuring Φ25mm × 7mm. Customization options are available for copper crucibles of various sizes, tailored to specific customer requirements. The chamber itself is constructed of quartz, with dimensions of Φ168 × 136mmH. In terms of product specifications, the furnace body measures 500mm L × 450mm W × 720mm H, while the power supply dimensions are 460mm L × 306mm W × 305mm H. The standard accessories included with the furnace comprise the melting furnace host, an Argon arc welder, a chiller, a furnace frame, and a vacuum pump. Optional accessories include Suction Casting Parts, available upon contacting the company. For optimal performance, users have the option to include various vacuum pumps, with vacuum degree options of 10^-2 torr (mechanical pump) or 10^-5 torr (molecular pump system). Cooling during equipment operation is crucial, and a water chiller (5000) is available as an optional accessory to cool the arc gun and the copper crucible. The water chiller utilizes water pipes with specifications of 12mm outer diameter x 8mm inner diameter. This Mini Arc Melting Furnace is suitable for a range of applications, particularly in research and materials science, where precise and controlled melting processes are required for various sample types.