Mini CVD tube furnace for preparing graphene

SKU: MND-134452

This CVD system is specially designed for graphene production, using a 1200℃ mini tube furnace, equipped with a high-precision mass flow meter and a thin-film vacuum gauge. Compared with the conventional Pirani resistance gauge, the reading of the thin film gauge is accurate and not affected by the type of gas, which is very suitable for the vacuum coating process. 

 Product Description

Simultaneously, the equipment is furnished with a combustible gas detection device, intricately linked to a solenoid valve positioned at the air outlet. This safety feature ensures that in the event of a gas leakage, the solenoid valve promptly closes, guaranteeing a secure operational environment. Despite its robust capabilities, this equipment maintains a compact footprint, making it exceptionally well-suited for CVD laboratory preparation. The 1200℃ Mini CVD Tube Furnace encompasses precise technical parameters: operating on AC 220V at 50Hz with a maximum power capacity of 2KW, it features a single heating zone extending 200mm, inclusive of a constant temperature zone measuring 100mm.


Constructed with a heat-resistant alloy wire as the heating element and monitored by a K-type thermocouple, the furnace operates within a temperature range of up to 1150℃. To optimize performance, it is recommended to adhere to a heating rate not exceeding 10℃/min. The temperature control is exceptionally precise, boasting an accuracy of ±1℃, utilizing an AI-PID control method featuring a 30-segment process curve inclusive of overheat and burnout protection. The furnace tube, crafted from high-purity quartz, exhibits dimensions of φ50mm outer diameter and 450mm in length. Vacuum operations are efficiently managed by a mechanical pump with a pumping speed of 1.1L/s, achieving an ultimate vacuum of 5Pa.


The gas flow system integrates a three-channel mass flow meter with stainless steel needle valves, offering meticulous control across a pressure range of 0.05 to 0.3MPa for various gases like Argon (Ar), Hydrogen (H2), and Methane (CH4), within specified flow rate ranges. The gas path, constructed from 304 stainless steel, incorporates 6.35mm ferrule connectors at the pipe interface. The power supply requirement stands at AC 220V 50Hz, providing a comprehensive and efficient solution for precise CVD applications in the laboratory.




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