Mini dental furnace M1100-025IC-MINI

SKU: MND-134383
Model: M1100-025IC-MINI

This mini dental oven M1100-025IC-MINI is small and beautiful, ideal for dental glazing and crown coloring. The furnace is light in weight and fast in temperature control, and the temperature control is accurate and reliable.

 Product Description

The M1100-025IC-MINI, a mini dental furnace, showcases a sliding door design that seamlessly integrates automatic door opening and practical features such as a buzzer alarm. Despite its compact size, the device is equipped with a range of functionalities, including fast operation and the ability to set temperature programs. This versatile furnace extends its utility beyond dental sintering to accommodate non-atmospheric sintering of laboratory micro-samples. Applications encompass dental glazing, crown coloring, and the unprotected gas sintering of small batch samples.


The furnace, designed with an open chamber, boasts dimensions of 60mm (length) x 60mm (width) x 70mm (height), resulting in a chamber volume of 0.25 liters. Its construction employs imported alumina fiber for superior insulation and heat resistance. The platform, sized at 50mm by 50mm, provides an ample area for dental work. Operated through an LED display and knob interface, the furnace ensures user-friendly interaction. It achieves a working temperature ranging from 0 to 1150°C, with a heating rate of 25 to 120°C per minute, facilitating precise temperature control through PID temperature regulation with an accuracy of ±1°C. The four-sided heating method ensures uniform and consistent results, monitored by a K type thermocouple. The dental furnace operates on AC220V at 50/60Hz, making it compatible with standard electrical systems. These technical specifications establish the M1100-025IC-MINI as a reliable and efficient solution for diverse dental applications.




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