MOF-253 / 1g

Synonym: [[2,2′-Bipyridine]-5,5′-dicarboxylato(2-)-κO5]hydroxyaluminum; [[2,2 inverted exclamation marka-Bipyridine]-5,5 inverted exclamation marka-dicarboxylato(2-)-|EO5]hydroxyaluminum
Molecular Formula: C12H7AlN2O5
Molecular Weight: 286.18
SKU: MND-151640
CAS Number: 1251862-76-6
Form: White Powder
Packing size: 1g  

 Product Description

MOF-253 is a metal-organic framework (MOF) recognized for its high surface area and exceptional adsorption properties. It features open metal sites that facilitate the selective capture and storage of gases such as hydrogen and carbon dioxide.



MOF-253 finds application in gas storage, purification, and separation processes. Its high porosity and specific adsorption characteristics make it suitable for storing and separating various gases, contributing to advancements in clean energy, environmental protection, and industrial processes.