Single workstation double-sided laboratory glove box

SKU: MND-132993
SKU: MND-132993

The glove box is a sophisticated device designed to create a controlled environment free of water and oxygen. Its core components include a display system, transition chamber, vacuum system, control system, box chamber, and circulation purification and regeneration system. Additionally, it offers the option for integration with gas purification systems, solvent filtration systems, and water oxygen display systems. Characterized by its elegant design and unwavering performance, the glove box is crafted from high-quality steel plate or mirror stainless steel through precise argon arc welding. Furthermore, it features double-layer tempered glass, combining both aesthetics and functionality for various applications.

 Product Description

The glove box boasts several key technical parameters for optimal performance. Its box chamber is generously sized, measuring 1200mm in length, 900mm in height, and 1000mm in width. Constructed from sturdy 3mm thick 304 stainless steel, it ensures durability and reliability. Equipped with a high-quality filter with a 3 μM aperture, the glove box maintains an airtight environment. The 0.4mm thick butyl gloves, featuring an 8-inch glove mouth, are made from hard aluminum alloy treated for corrosion resistance, and they offer a wide 220mm caliber. The window is designed with an inclined operating surface, incorporating a detachable 8mm safety-tempered glass front window with excellent wear and corrosion resistance, ensuring optimal light transmission. The working pressure range is set between -10mbar to 10mbar, while the glove box features anti-reflection lighting energy-saving lamps that provide soft illumination. It operates at 220V ± 10%, 50Hz ± 10% power supply, with a multi-hole power terminal block. The glove box also includes a convenient two-layer display board for added functionality.

The glove box's technical parameters extend to its transition chamber, which is cylindrical and constructed from robust 304 stainless steel, seamlessly connected to the main glove box with valve control. The transition chamber features two distinct sections: a larger chamber with dimensions of φ360mm in diameter and L600mm in length, equipped with a piston door, sliding tray for added convenience, and a polished finish. This section offers automatic valve control for air extraction and replenishment. In contrast, the smaller chamber measures φ150mm in diameter and L300mm in length, with manual valve control for air extraction and replenishment. The tray within the transition chamber is fabricated from stainless steel, measuring 300mm × 450mm, and offers freely movable extension, a feature specific to the large transition cabin configuration. Both the large and small chambers maintain a vacuum degree of ≤1bar, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.

The glove box's technical parameters encompass its advanced control system, which offers an array of features to enhance functionality and usability. This control system includes self-diagnosis, power-off, and self-starting capabilities, along with pressure control and self-adaptive functions. It enables automatic control, cycle control, and password protection, with LCD display interfaces for both vacuum chamber and unit controls. The unit control is facilitated by a Siemens PLC touch screen, ensuring user-friendly operation and monitoring. Additionally, the system features pressure control mechanisms, allowing precise adjustment of the box and transition cabin pressure to predetermined values. For added convenience, a foot pedal is integrated into the system, providing a straightforward means of controlling glove box pressure.


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