Small desktop precision spin coating machine

SKU: MND-132995
SKU: MND-132995

The compact desktop precision spin coating machine is primarily designed for the application of liquid materials, gels, and flowable pastes to create thin film coatings. It offers precise control over high-speed rotation, allowing for the rapid and uniform deposition of these materials onto substrates. This user-friendly and easily maintainable device's compact design makes it a popular choice in the academic and research community, particularly in universities and research institutes.

 Product Description

The small desktop precision spin coating machine offers a versatile range of performance parameters to meet various coating needs. Its speed is adjustable within the range of 100 to 9999rpm, with an adjustable accelerated speed range of 100 to 9999rpm/s. The rotational speed resolution is as precise as 1rpm, and it can operate for a maximum single step duration of 3000s with a time resolution of 1s.

This machine provides the flexibility of single and multi-step runs, and it allows programming with up to 5 groups of 5-step programs for precise coating processes. Furthermore, it offers wide voltage input compatibility, accepting AC100-230V, and provides user-friendly language options in both Chinese and English for seamless operation.


The small desktop precision spin coating machine boasts several advantageous features, making it a reliable choice for precise coating applications. It is equipped with a powerful 75W brushless DC motor, controlled by a Single Chip Microcontroller (SCM), ensuring efficient and accurate operation. The high-definition text display simplifies user interaction.

This versatile machine supports both single-step and multi-step homogenizing operations, enhancing its adaptability for various coating tasks. To prevent blockages during operation, it incorporates an anti-blocking design. The inner chamber is constructed from corrosion-resistant PP material and is replaceable for added convenience.

Additionally, the machine features a solvent-resistant PC transparent cover, a corrosion-resistant and easy-to-clean PP housing, and a multi-angle positioning hinge design for user-friendly operation. The aluminum alloy vacuum chuck ensures stability during coating processes.



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