Small spin coater with center dispensing hole

SKU: MND-132997
SKU: MND-132997

This compact spin coater boasts a sleek aluminum alloy construction throughout its entire body. Its upper cavity cover is crafted from durable plexiglass, ensuring an appealing and sturdy appearance. Equipped with an advanced precision motor capable of achieving a maximum speed of 8,000rpm, this spin coater offers precise control via user-friendly buttons and a high-brightness LCD screen. Furthermore, it provides the convenience of pre-storing spin coating curves for program-controlled applications. Despite its significantly reduced footprint, this instrument excels in performance and functionality, making it an ideal choice for laboratory acquisitions.

 Product Description

The small spin coater is versatile in its applications, capable of applying liquid or colloidal materials to a range of substrates including silicon wafers, crystals, quartz, ceramics, and more, facilitating the creation of thin films. Its primary utilization encompasses photoresist spin coating, preparation of biological media, and the production of polymer films using the sol-gel method, among other applications.

The spin coater operates on an AC220V, 50Hz power supply and offers a variable spin speed ranging from 0 to 8000rpm, with adjustable acceleration settings between 100 and 5000rpm/s. It provides precise control with a speed resolution of 1rpm and supports single-step durations of up to 3000 seconds. This coater is compatible with substrates with a diameter of up to 4 inches (100mm) and features a chamber constructed from durable plexiglass. Control is achieved through a user-friendly interface comprising buttons and an LCD screen. Dispensing can be done manually, and there's an option for using a precision syringe pump. Additionally, it allows for the creation of coating curves with up to 5 segments per curve, with the capacity to store a total of 5 different curves. The equipment is equipped with a φ8mm quick screw joint for efficient pumping and has compact overall dimensions measuring 210mm×250mm×180mm, with a total weight of 8kg. It relies on a vacuum pump, specifically a dry mechanical pump, for its exhaust system, offering a pumping rate of 1.1L/s. The required power supply is AC220V at 50/60Hz.


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