Stainless steel case 8-inch spin coater with PP chamber

SKU: MND-133000

This compact spin coater model features a stainless steel structure and a durable PP chamber, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing and robust design. Equipped with an advanced precision motor, it achieves a maximum rotation speed of 10,000 rpm, ensuring the uniformity of film deposition. Control is facilitated through an intuitive touch screen interface, allowing for the presetting of uniform coating curves. This streamlines the user experience, reduces the learning curve, and makes it an ideal choice for laboratory procurement.

 Product Description

The 8-inch stainless steel case spin coater is designed for a range of applications. It excels in coating liquid or colloidal materials onto substrates such as silicon wafers, crystals, quartz, ceramics, and more, facilitating the creation of thin films. Its primary applications encompass photoresist spin coating, the production of biological media, and the formation of polymer films using the sol-gel method.

The stainless steel case 8-inch spin coater is designed with precision in mind and operates on an AC220V, 50Hz power supply. It offers a variable rotating speed ranging from 0 to 10,000rpm, with adjustable acceleration settings between 100 and 5000rpm/s and a 1rpm speed resolution. It supports step times of up to 3000 seconds and accommodates substrates with a diameter of up to 8 inches (200mm). The chamber is constructed from durable PP material, and the coater is operated through a user-friendly 7-inch HD LCD touch screen. Dispensing can be performed manually, with the option to use a precision injection pump for epoxy applications. Additionally, it allows for the creation of homogenization curves, featuring up to 5 segments per curve and the ability to store a total of 5 different curves. The equipment is equipped with a φ8mm quick-twist interface for efficient pumping and has compact overall dimensions measuring 290mm×365mm×260mm, with a total weight of 12kg. The exhaust system relies on a vacuum pump, specifically a dry mechanical pump, offering a pumping rate of 1.1L/s. The power supply required is AC220V at 50/60Hz.



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