Auto-drying tape casting film coater

SKU: MND-134482

Automatic tape casting film coater with adjustable doctor-blade

SKU: MND-134483

Bottom heating type casting coating machine with doctor blade

SKU: MND-134497

Compact automatic battery electrode coating system

SKU: MND-134491

Compact automatic tape casting coater with heated vacuum bed

SKU: MND-134484

Compact automatic top cover drying tape casting coater

SKU: MND-134480

Compact laboratory bottom heating type casting coater

SKU: MND-134500

Double side R2R coating equipment for battery electrodes

SKU: MND-134487

Faster battery electrode roll to roll transfer coating system

SKU: MND-134489

Heated vacuum doctor-blade film coater

SKU: MND-134495

High-precision Roll-to-Roll doctor blade film coater

SKU: MND-134479

Large automatic film coater with glass bed

SKU: MND-134502-2

Large automatic film coating machine with vacuum chuck

SKU: MND-134499

Lithium battery roll to roll film coating machine

SKU: MND-134478

Lithium ion battery slit extrusion coater

SKU: MND-134471